Stacker Wall St. Compact Wall Mount Prize Game

The Go Anywhere wall-mounted Stacker ! The new “Stacker Wall Street” is the smallest unit in all of the Stacker family, and easily mounts to most walls and was designed for venues where space really matters !

Stacker Wall Street is the latest compact prize vending machines, in which players stacks horizontally moving blocks in order to win. Players aims to stack horizontally moving blocks to the top for a choice to claim a prize.

Stacker Wall Street comes with Four (4) secure prize cabinets with auto-locking doors and a 10 level LED playfield, along with a stylish Steel + Tempered Glass cabinet. Wall mount fixing and secure service access.

Additional Info

Dimension Value
Height: 37 Inches & 94cm
Width: 28 Inches & 71cm
Depth: 16 Inches & 41cm

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